A project teaching observational drawing to people with aphasia


This project started in October 2013 with a grant from the British Aphasiology Society seed fund. It began as an 8 week observational drawing course at City University, London. The project then moved to Kentish Town Health Centre as a monthly workshop which has continued ever since.

I am currently working on a masters study where I have explored the possible benefits of teaching drawing to people with aphasia. For the masters study I taught the 8 week course again in October 2014 at City University and tested people on a variety of measures before and after, and am currently writing up the results.

Therapy Ideas Live November 2013

Drawing for Aphasia - a short film about the project filmed at Kentish Town Health Centre

Film by Daniel Mudford you can see more of Dan's work here. Listen to some of Dan's music here.

Facebook page for the project 

People who have attended Drawing for People with Aphasia workshops report that they really enjoy learning something new that's challenging but relaxing at the same time. We have regular drawing trips to galleries, and look at the work of artists through the centuries to inspire us.

If you would like to attend, or refer someone to workshops, or just learn more about the project, contact me at info@catandrew.com or catandrew.ca@gmail.com

The project is primarily for people with aphasia, but I will consider referrals for those with other long-term neurological or psychological difficulties like dementia or mental health difficulties