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Friday 15th July 2016 5.30pm - 8.00pm

See below for details of venue.

March 2015 Masters study to be completed looking at effects of teaching drawing to people with aphasia.
September 2014 Presentation at the British Aphasiology Society Symposium in Hull. 

February 2014
I will be working on a drawing project on the Regional Neurological Rehabilitation Unit at the Homerton hospital. I will run a series of drawing workshops with people who have suffered a stroke or traumatic brain injury to produce drawings for a logo for the unit.
November 2013:
Storytelling project: if this project goes ahead, it will be a wonderful opportunity for the general public to learn more about aphaisa and the people who live with it. It also be an opportunity for people with aphasia to tell their stories in new ways and learn great new skills. I was sketching live at this consultation day. You can see some of my drawings from that day here
 Other news for 2013:
I qualified as a Speech and Language Therapist. I secured funding from the British Aphasiology Society for a project teaching observational drawing to people with aphasia. Aphasia is the loss of language after a stroke or brain injury. The project ran
for 8 weeks in September and October 2013 and took place at City
University, London. It was hugely successful and people learned alot, built confidence and improved in concentration, communication and mood. I will run regular workshops and gallery visits as a
continuation of this project. I gave a talk about my project at a 'Therapy Ideas Live' event at the Phoenix Centre in London.
I am starting a masters project investigating the benefits of teaching observational drawing to people with aphasia. I ran art groups and art and craft sessions at Northwick Park Hospital, the Homerton Hospital and Lewisham Hospital.I am working on the EVA Project at City University investigating the potential benefits of virtual worlds in developing the communication skills of people with aphasia.

Drawing workshops take place at:
Kentish Town Health Centre, 2 Bartholomew Road NW5 2AL. 

Please contact me for more details.